Terms & Conditions - The Farm - Farmstay for Dogs 2022 Ltd - referred to as "The Farm"

1. Proof of the following vaccinations is required prior to staying at The Farm: - DHP
Distemper Hepatitis Parvovirus current within one year, - Leptospirosis current within one year and if not then one month stand down is required, - Kennel Cough current within one year and administered not under seven days prior to coming to The Farm.

2. The Farm operates a free range, fun, open play facility and is a kennel free zone. I
acknowledge that while The Farm will take all reasonable and practicable care, they cannot be held responsible for injury, loss or damage of any kind to my dog or my supplied property that may occur while my dog is in their care.

3. The Farm reserves the right to refuse or terminate my dog's stay for any reason
whatsoever. In the case of terminating a stay I acknowledge that either myself or my
emergency contact will be required to collect my dog (eg. excessive barking, aggression or separation anxiety The Farm deems to be extreme).

4. I acknowledge I am required to disclose all information regarding my dog(s) behaviour,
problems or any health issues eg. digs his way out, escape artist, scales fences, aggressive around food, aggressive around toys/balls, allergies etc.

5. I acknowledge I am required to disclose if my dog/s has been excluded or refused
accommodation at any other dog facility.

6. If any medical problems arise while my dog is at The Farm, I give permission for The Farm to seek professional opinion for the safety, health and well-being of my dog and I agree to meet any costs associated with the same. If my dog is responsible for injury to another dog, I agree to fully meet the costs incurred.

7. I acknowledge The Farm is required to meet Taupo District Council Noise Control Rules and Regulations. Should The Farm consider my dog to be barking excessively they reserve the right to request my dog is picked up by myself or by my emergency contact.

8. I acknowledge that I am required to drop off and pick up my dog(s) at the agreed time and date of the booking. I am required to give The Farm two days notice of a cancellation. The Farm reserves the right to charge for all days booked including unused days and late cancellations (Public Holidays, School Holidays and Weekends).

9. I give permission for my dog(s) to be photographed while at The Farm and that these may be used on The Farm website, Facebook page or any other promotional material.

10. We do not accept entire dogs, aggressive dogs or banned breeds. Unspayed bitches are accepted providing they are not in heat or expected to go into heat during their stay at The Farm. If she goes into heat during her stay there is a $50 charge per day/night to separate your dog.

11. Prices are subject to change without notice.